Wikibase Cloud Vertical 2x RGB
Wikibase Cloud Vertical 2x RGB is a cloud-based platform provided by Wikimedia Deutschland that hosts instances of Wikibase.
It's currently in open beta -- feel free to sign up now!

Create your account and your first wiki.

An easy checklist for your account once you've created it.

Definitions and links to shed light on some commonly used terms.

An overview of import tool options.

Some introductory concepts for those who may never have modeled data before.

Learn how to get data out of your Wikibase, and use prefixes to query other Wikibases too.

All about the imprint information your Wikibase needs.

Take a look at Qichwabase, a great example of how to use for language preservation needs.

In June-July 2022 the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) created and configured a test instance on Much of the setup process was as one would expect when working with empty MediaWiki instances or with Wikidata. However, they found some steps not immediately logical, manifest, clearly documented or within their knowledge and experience at the time. In their presentation (PDF), they share their experiences and first impressions of unboxing, setting up, configuring and tweaking their test instance, and they present solutions for most of the issues they encountered.