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This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Beta Features/General and the translation is 40% complete.
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On wikis which have VisualEditor enabled as an opt-in, you can choose to switch it on for your account as part of the Beta Features program.

VisualEditor provides a WYSIWYG-like rich text editor that lets you edit most MediaWiki content, including templates, references and text. More features are being developed, and will be enabled as other Beta Features during testing before being rolled out to all users.

सक्षम होला पर, दृश्यसंपादक एगो दोसरऽ संपादन टैब,लेबल "संपादन करऽ", प्रदान करै छै, आरू "स्रोत सम्पादित करऽ" क॑ विकिटेक्स्ट लेली मौजूदा संपादक क॑ रिलेबल करै छै.

If you have any feedback about VisualEditor, please comment on the general feedback page. There may also be a local feedback page on your wiki.