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Referata seems to be back online.

Slgrandson (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the heads-up, but...

1) As I noted earlier at User talk:Yaron Koren, the logo and site title on the main site read "Hacked by", and the background is in red.

2) Access to "Site settings" is blocked, meaning I can't change them back to how they were days ago; whoever's responsible is holding that part hostage. The funny thing is, I'm already an admin who's supposed to check it out for himself. (Even funnier: I can still reach the "Admin links" page where I am.)

3) One "KATMAKROFAN" by name asked for admin/bureaucrat privileges for cleanup's sake less than an hour before I posted this. (For the past several months, KMF has been giving the site's hackers/vandals a taste of their own medicine the best he can.) Only one problem: The database is on lock (again), meaning I'll get to that the sooner it opens up again. (I hear LIMAFOX76 (talk · contribs) and MwLegoMaster have also expressed interest.)

TL/DR: It's been a bumpy ride these past seven days for the SMW host. We'll ride it out eventually, and get to the bottom of the hacking crisis. Any further details, and I'll reach back as I can. Thanks, Slgrandson (talk) 03:27, 4 May 2019 (UTC)

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