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Aron Manning (talkcontribs)

Hi! You can edit the task description yourself with the link on the top right sidebar.

Aron Manning (talkcontribs)
Magog the Ogre (talkcontribs)

Oh great, thanks. I have some free time this weekend and I'll take a look.

Magog the Ogre (talkcontribs)

I followed the instructions but I continue to get access denied. I have my id_rsa/id_rsa.pub all configured and my accounts connected but I continue to get access denied.

$ git clone ssh://magog_the_ogre@gerrit.wikimedia.org:29418/mediawiki/extensions/MultimediaViewer.git Cloning into 'MultimediaViewer'... magog_the_ogre@gerrit.wikimedia.org: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

Aron Manning (talkcontribs)

I think that command did not work for me either. Manual needs an update. I use (name replaced):

git clone magog_the_ogre@wikimedia:mediawiki/extensions/MultimediaViewer

Also have this in ~/.ssh/config:

Host wikimedia
  HostName gerrit.wikimedia.org
  Port 29418
  User magog_the_ogre
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  PreferredAuthentications publickey
  PasswordAuthentication no
  IdentitiesOnly yes
Aron Manning (talkcontribs)

Another tip while we are at it: set up git shortcuts to type less. Add to ~/.ssh/.gitconfig

	s = status
	c = commit
	r = review
	cl = clone
	co = checkout
	br = branch

then you do start working with

# setup
git r -s

# list modified
git s
# commit (create patch)
git c

# send patch
git r -R

For steps 2-3 I recommend using a proper GUI instead, it will help a lot with learning the intricacies and terminology:

Magog the Ogre (talkcontribs)

I'm sorry, I tried this with your fixes. I am still getting permission denied.

Please make the change on my behalf if you can.

Aron Manning (talkcontribs)
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