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Future directions and the Medium Term Plan[edit]

MediaWiki skin theming: mild and dark modes[edit]

See mw:User:Aron Manning/Skin themes for details and usage. Mild and dark mode css overlay for Timeless and Vector skins (so far). Work in progress.

  • Easily customizable color palette through ca. 30 css variables.
  • Includes a few layout optimizations: full-width Timeless skin and thin (one-line) header bar for Vector, MediaViewer scrolling and metadata.
  • Note: Custom background colors hardcoded in templates and wikitext make those areas unreadable in dark mode (bright text on bright background). Rules for these are added on a case-by-case basis. Mild mode is readable in such cases.

Desktop UI (skin) improvements[edit]

  1. Desktop Improvements vision
  2. Choose expressive icons for the header buttons
  3. Vector headings typography fix
  4. Evaluate the feasibility and impact of restoring font-size to the browser default / user setting
  5. Make use of common monospace fonts created for developers (source code typography)
  6. Choose up-to-date fonts, more legible on LCD screens (Work-In-Progress)
  7. Site navigation sidebar de-cluttering
  8. Skin accessibility: tab navigation

Feature design proposals for MediaWiki and Wikimedia[edit]

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