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Hello everyone, I am Tmv from Japan, a Wikivoyager who loves traveling.

A lush forest with deep green and a town concealing many stories that various people find in the long, colorful history are my favorite. And a story that enshrined in someone's heart interest me well. That's why, I like history ― especially folklore, too.

My English is poor and I do not know whether my expression (both here and on other pages) is appropriate. If there are any mistakes or rudeness, I will correct immediately.

Although I'm going to put links below to introduce me, nothing to add now...


I support the Wikimedians of Japan User Group, and I am a former staff member of that. I still participate in there and offer my comment from time to time.

I often undo vandals on x-wiki with SWViewer and Twinkle. Also, I am a translator from English to Japanese on multilingual wikis.


Please use the talk page or Wiki-mail. I look through emails almost daily and reply within half a week at the most. The talk page can be highly contactable, but sometimes I don't log in to Wikimedia for some days, which may delay my reply. As my real life has been busy these days and will be even busier in the future, my activities will stagnate, thus the reply should be even slower.

I used to communicate on Discord in the past, but currently I don't open it for Wikimedia.