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Hi, I have signed up to MediaWiki on 7 February 2006, and currently have Subversion commit access from 7 December 2007. More information can be found in here.

Some ideas[edit]

  • The current month numbers can be rendered without a leading digit 0 (MediaZilla:5755)
  • Put a correct language tags by different language to add the compatability for broswers. (MediaZilla:5790)
  • Improve the parsal conversion for Chinese Characters (MediaZilla:451, MediaZilla:1700, meta, link)
  • Categoey SortKey extensions!!?? (to resolve the category sorting issue among those articles and sub-categories that belongs to the category) (MediaZilla:164)

Reported / fixed issues for MediaWiki[edit]

Reported bugs Fixed bugs Fixed on revision(s)
Bugzilla:5755 rev:50811
Bugzilla:10837 rev:51204
Bugzilla:18242 rev:49890, rev:49924, rev:49926, rev:49927, rev:49992
Bugzilla:18592 & Bugzilla:18593 rev:49943, rev:49995
Bugzilla:18958 rev:51128
Bugzilla:19809 rev:53943
Bugzilla:15680 rev:54138, rev:54139
Bugzilla:12110 rev:54153, rev:54194, rev:54247

Chinese conversion[edit]

  1. The initial Chinese conversion was introduced by Zhengzhu on rev:5246 (MW 1.4+), the table has mome minor changes until rev:6329.
  2. The first major changes was introduced on rev:28045, and rev:28077. This change resolved the Simplified / Traditional Chinese conversion with Regional phrases conversion. The changes are available on MW 1.12 onwards.
  3. The major update of the Chinese parsal conversion was implemented on rev:37472. This change resolved the major parsal conversion issue of the Chinese words. The changes are available on MW 1.13 onwards.

Localisation updates[edit]

Bug number Message file updated Notes
yue zh-hans zh-hant lzh nan cdo af vi
Bugzilla:6903 #1
Bugzilla:6910 Incorrect rendering for Vietnamese date/time formats
Bugzilla:7235 #2
Bugzilla:7273 #3
Bugzilla:7419 #4 MW 1.8 checkpoint
Bugzilla:7869 #5
Bugzilla:8020 #6
Bugzilla:8190 #7
Bugzilla:8278 #8
Bugzilla:8424 #9 MW 1.9 checkpoint
Bugzilla:9075 #10
Bugzilla:9149 #11
Bugzilla:9170 Minor wikilink, 'booksources' hotfix
Bugzilla:9182 #12
Bugzilla:9267 #13
Bugzilla:9337 #14
Bugzilla:9384 #15
Bugzilla:9430 #16
Bugzilla:9469 #17
Bugzilla:9485 #18
Bugzilla:9505 #19
Bugzilla:9528 #20
Bugzilla:9549 #21
Bugzilla:9570 Minor date format updates, 'booksources' hotfix
Bugzilla:9601 Minor date format updates, localisation hotfix
Bugzilla:9602 #22
Bugzilla:9603 provided by zh:User:Alexsh
Bugzilla:9631 #23
Bugzilla:9639 #24
Bugzilla:9647 provided by zh:User:Alexsh (zh-hant) and zh:User:Chingli (zh-hans)
Bugzilla:9674 #25
Bugzilla:9720 provided by zh:User:Alexsh, zh:User:Jasonzhuocn, zh:User:Tonync (zh-hant) and zh:User:Vipuser, zh:User:Shizhao, zh:User:Fdcn (zh-hans)
Bugzilla:9733 #26
Bugzilla:9740 #27
Bugzilla:9773 #28
Bugzilla:9814 #29 MW 1.10 checkpoint
Bugzilla:9859 #30
Bugzilla:9873 #31
Bugzilla:9888 #32
Bugzilla:9962 #33
Bugzilla:10069 #34
Bugzilla:10126 #35
Bugzilla:10146 #36
Bugzilla:10199 #37
Bugzilla:10242 #38
Bugzilla:10305 #39
Bugzilla:10369 #40
Bugzilla:10412 #41
Bugzilla:10471 #42
Bugzilla:10489 #43
Bugzilla:10513 #44
Bugzilla:10546 #45
Bugzilla:10581 #46
Bugzilla:10616 #47
Bugzilla:10653 #48
Bugzilla:10724 #49
Bugzilla:10778 #50
Bugzilla:10821 #51
Bugzilla:10892 #52
Bugzilla:10972 #53
Bugzilla:11020 #54
Bugzilla:11098 #55
Bugzilla:11160 #56 MW 1.11 checkpoint
Bugzilla:11284 #57
Bugzilla:11683 #58
Bugzilla:11752 #59 provided by zh:User:PhiLiP (zh-hans)
Bugzilla:11817 #60
Bugzilla:12058 #61
Bugzilla:12137 #62 provided by zh-classical:User:Gulei (zh-classical)
  1. Prior MW 1.11, the language code of the Chinese languages are divided by zh-cn, zh-hk, zh-sg and zh-tw respectively. The messages are merged into zh-hans and zh-hant, in addition of the localisation messages for the particular region such as zh-hk and zh-tw. This changes was applied on SVN r26179, and is provided on MW 1.12 onwards. Also from rev:36664, two variants zh-mo and zh-my had been added to the MW software, and these variants are provided on MW 1.13 onwards.
  2. The Cantonese language is provided from MW 1.8 onwards, the Chinese languages (including its scripts languages) are provided from MW 1.10 onwards, the Classical Chinese language is provided from MW 1.11 onwards. The Afrikaans language is provided from MW 1.11 onwards. The Min-nan, Min Dong and Wu languages are provided on MW 1.12 onwards. The Chinese (Macau) and Chinese (Malaysia) language are provided on MW 1.13 onwards.
  3. From MW 1.12 onwards, the localisation work will be commited directly to Subversion (Cantonese, Chinese and Old / Late Time Chinese) after the grant of the Subversion commit access, other localisation can be maintained through Betawiki.
  4. The ISO-639-3 of Literary Chinese was adopted on 19 January 2009, and changes applied on rev:45980 reflecting the changes for this. Any new MediaWiki installations would need to use the lzh instead of zh-classical code. The changes will be apply on MW 1.15 onwards.

Localisation for extensions[edit]

Bug number Extension message file updated Extensions Notes
yue zh-hans zh-hant lzh
Bugzilla:7231 BroadVote
Bugzilla:7257 CategoryTree
Bugzilla:7258 CheckUser, CrossNamespaceLinks, Makesysop, Newuserlog, Renameuser and SiteMatrix
Bugzilla:7296 Cite, SpecialCite, Confirmedit, DynamicPageList2 and Filepath
Bugzilla:8189 Desysop, ExpandTemplates, LinkSearch and LuceneSearch
Bugzilla:8212 AntiSpoof, CentralAuth and Translate
Bugzilla:8301 DismissableSiteNotice and MiniDonation
Bugzilla:8302 Makebot, NewestPages, Patroller and UserImages
Bugzilla:9185 CategoryTree Enable localisation messages in zh-tw/zh-hk/zh-sg
Bugzilla:9210 AntiSpoof and CrossNamespaceLinks Extension message updates
Bugzilla:9211 AjaxShowEditors, Asksql and Editcount
Bugzilla:9227 LinkSearch, Renameuser and Translate Extension message updates
Bugzilla:9268 Highlight, PageBy, SelectCategory and UsernameBlacklist
Bugzilla:9543 BadImage, BookInformation, Contributors and GiveRollback
Bugzilla:9545 Duplicator, ImageMap, MathStatFunctions and ProfileMonitor MW 1.10 checkpoint
Bugzilla:10426 Update for various extensions with Chinese language code structural changes
Bugzilla:10582 BackAndForth, CategoryTree, CheckUser, CountEdits, NewUserNotif, PicturePopup, Resign and SignDocument
Bugzilla:11099 BlockTitles, BoardVote, ConfirmAccount, ContactPage, ContributionScores, Contributionseditcount, Gadgets and SiteMatrix
Bugzilla:11120 CentralAuth, DismissableSiteNotice, Duplicator, InputBox, Newuserlog, ParserFunctions, Translate and UsernameBlacklist MW 1.11 checkpoint
Bugzilla:11230 FlaggedRevsPage, OggHandler, PasswordReset, PdfHandler, Quiz, SpamBlacklist, UserMerge, Vote and Wikidata