Priyanka Jayaswal
Priyanka Jayaswal
Undergraduate Student
"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde
I have my proposal for FOSS OPW Round 9 at Proposal.

About me

  • I am Priyanka Jayaswal, a third year undergraduate student from the Department of Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur.
  • I am a member of the the Techno-management fest of, IIT-Kharagpur.
  • I have interest in programming and use C/C++, Python and Java.
  • Besides my interest in programming and robotics, I am passionate about sports and trying new things to find the mysteries of life.
  • I am a newbie in the world of FOSS and striving to make valuable contributions to it. I have started my journey as a Mediawiki contributor and wish to work on Pywikibots.

My work

  • I am an OPW aspirant.
  • You may have a glance at my profile here : [1]
  • My Github Profile: [2]
  • Gerrit Profile : [3]

Contact me

  • Mediawiki user English
  • IRC: / prijaya
  • Email: /
  • Linkedin: [4]
  • Skype: priyanka..jayaswal
  • Twitter: [5]