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Pywikibot : Compat to Core Migration[edit]

Public URL
Mediawiki link for project proposal
Google Doc : [1]
Wikimedia PDF file link : LINK
Wikitech MailingList.

Name and contact information[edit]

Name : Priyanka Jayaswal
Email :
IRC handle : prijaya
Location : Kharagpur, India
Typical working hours : 15:00 - 21:00 (GMT) and whenever I can


The purpose of this project is to improve all the documentation including getting started guides and project documentation in Pywikibot. While working on pywikibots for applying in FOSS OPW Round 9 Project on Pywikibots, I realised that the migration is an essential step to start further contribution towards development of new features. The potential of pywikibots can be realized fully after migrations are implemented. Due to this the potential of pywikibots is not utilized well. Hence, owing to my interest to work further towards contributing in this interesting subject, I was motivated to apply for it.

I understand the importance of a proper documentation and hence I am willing to work on properly compiling the vast resource of information in a user-friendly format besides my main proposal on Compat to Core migration. As per the proposal I plan to make use of best of the resources to achieve my aim successfully. You may go through my complete proposal at : Complete Proposal.

Have a deeper look at the proposal for elaborate description.

Mentors: Amir Sarabadani, John Vandenberg (for porting only)


Documentation for the project shall go parallely.

Week Number Week Task


9 Dec - 15 Dec

Preparation of Review Phase spreadsheet. Getting familiar with bugs by working with

Bug 64159 : Port to core, Bug 68503 : replacementfile for

Bug 72206 : Port to core (to get familar on how can additional functionalities may be included.

Bug 69980 : depends on mwlib.uparser not available on wmflabs . Bug 64878 : Port to core


16th Dec - 22nd Dec

Bug 55007: missing some pagegenerators in core branch / 3 remaining are to be made), Bug 55881 : Missing possibility to retrieve images from a page by implementing linkedPage function . Bug 55882, Bug 57097 : Port to core branch on ­­ replacement in core, Bug 64880 : Port to core


23rd Dec - 29th Dec

Bug 64877: Add cross­wiki Special:Import support, Bug 57995 :Add function for list=watchlistraw ­it's dependent bug Bug 68988 : should use CachedRequest , Watchlist folder migration to be completed.


30th Dec- 5th Jan

Bug 64839 : Port et al to core and move to separate package, Bug 55882 : The order of parameters is lost when using extract_templates_and_params() and extract_templates_and_params_regex()


6th Jan - 12th Jan

Start my work on manual page preparation and Review Phase would commence then .


13th Jan- 19th Jan

Bug 64835 : Add block functionality in pywikibot ( ­> new), Bug 64838 :(Port to core )­

Bug 64845 : Merge from compat into, Bug 64876 : Port to core


20th Jan- 26th Jan

Bug 64875 : Port to core, Bug 64871 : Port and move to scripts repository, Bug 64870 : Port to core,

Start second ‘Review Phase’ completeing all documentations till then.


27th Jan - 2nd Feb

Bug 64856 : Port various Commons upload bots to core & move to separate repository ,­Bug 64854 : Port to core ­> new demands just normal porting, Bug 64853 : Port to core, Bug 67724 : commands.log missing in core, Complete log related folder migration from pywikibot/compat to core.


3rd Feb - 9th Feb

Documentation updation week. Bug 64848 : Port and re­package copyright*.py, Work on­ compat/copyright migration to core, Bug 64849 : Port to core


10th Feb - 16th Feb

Work on commondelimiters in compat. Track back bugs which are revived late due to numerous constraints.


17th Feb - 23rd Feb

Work on migration of maintenance and pywikibot.


24th Feb - 2nd March

Updating data in wiktionary, families and userinterfaces. Manual preparation work to be completed.


3rd March - 9th March

Complete the documentation work and other parts in project.


This project needs to have a constant coordination from the community to solve various bugs and issues that may rise. For the purpose, mailing lists, irc chats and other resource have really been helpful. I'm fortunate to receive it during my attemps at understanding the project. Besides, as already stated I would prefer following the conventional methods, and would surely prepare a blog meant to log each day progress. This might sound ambitious but I'm sure that would be really helpful for me as well as my mentor to get most updated happenings in short. This is how I plan to accomplish the needful.

About you[edit]

Education completed or in progress?
I am a third year undergraduate student of the Department of Mathematics pursuing five year Integrated M.Sc. course in Mathematics and Computing at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.
How did you hear about this program?
I came to know about this through my colleague who had shared the news through various social networking platforms.
Will you have any other time commitments, such as school work, another job, planned vacation, etc., during the duration of the program?
I'm a student and beside college activities I have no other commitments. So I have enough time to be active in social media , mailing lists and IRC most of the time when I am not having lectures and unless any unwanted emergency might appear. I'll be constraint during my exams which are from 15th Feb - 24th Feb only during which I have scheduled to focus on documentation work keeping up with the workflow.
We advise all candidates eligible to Google Summer of Code and FOSS Outreach Program for Women to apply for both programs. Are you planning to apply to both programs and, if so, with what organization(s)?
I have not given much thought on this since there is still plenty of time.

Past experience[edit]

Please describe your experience with any other FOSS projects as a user and as a contributor
I am a user of various Mediawiki projects and presently on my way to discover my interests, I started my work on pywikibots. I am a newbie in open source contribution and am really enthusaistic about it.

I have used several free/open source softwares for my day to day activities. I use Ubuntu as my operating system due to which I am familiar with a number of such softwares. In general I use, softwares like VLC, GIMP, OpenCV, XAMPP , Blender aand many others. I have often used resources from internet particularly from Mediawiki projects for references in academic and co-cirricular activities. I started making my own contributions soon with time (mostly anonymously). Since I have engaged in earlier in web-development, I am familiar with use of git and other such version control system.

I am interested in applying for project Pywikibot : Compat to Core Migration. Mediawiki :

Please describe any relevant projects that you have worked on previously and what knowledge you gained from working on them.
I have previously worked on very basic web development and through assignments in my cirriculum. The links for which may be found below:

1 : 2 : [It is one my earliest projects and I don't intend to change anything in this keeping it original for my personal purpose]

What project(s) are you interested in (these can be in the same or different organizations) other than this?
I am interested in Pywikibot under Wikimedia to work for Compat to Core Migration. The details upon how I intend to do that may be seen in my proposal.

Any other info[edit]

It was interesting to know how pywikibots have automated the procedure of editing and managing this vast pool of information on internet. It was really great to find this opportunity in which we, students may voluntarily contribute towards open source programming and become a part of this developing technology. In the process, I came to know about the exciting side of management through these automated tools and developed a keen interest in it. Though I have not been part of large projects earlier, I believe that the excitement to be a part of contributing into this, is powerful enough to fuel my motivation and keep me going. I am familiar with various mediawiki tools and extentions as well, due to my initial efforts to go through the other projects in Wikimedia, (while trying to fix BUG -31331 this makes me quite familiar with the various components and I feel that this may help me co-relate between various things and come up with many ideas. As far as the links of the resources are concerned,during my groundwork on proposal preparation, I came across an uncountable number of resources which might be useless to state here.