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I'm Neta Livneh and I'm a PhD student in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem working in the computational social sciences field. if you, like me, think it's an awesome name but it doesn't explain anything about the field then you should read this. Maybe someday when I will be a known researcher (or have free time) I will improve its page. I plan to research social influence bias by conducting large-scale experiments in online communities in order to better learn how individual's behavior is changed in response to information from the social network. As side projects, I am interested in analyzing data that was made by people because we can make new insights about how people act and think from the data.

Here is an example to give you a feeling of the cool stuff people are doing in the field: On Election day, Facebook put a button of "I voted" and a banner that presented the number of people who already "voted" (that is, pressed the button). They showed that when they added friends' names to the banner, more people pressed the button. Well, that's not so surprising. What was surprising is that more people that saw the banner actually went out, stood in line and voted, than people that didn't, and even more so when social information (like seen that a lot of their friends votes) was involved[1]. That is social influence people!

I am currently an intern at FOSS Outreach Program for Women Round 9. You can find out more about my project here and my progress here.

More about me: I think the information revolution is the best and worst thing that happened in recent times and I'm curious and scared to see its outcome.