General comments[edit]

  • Type hint everything!
  • Lots of WH specific stuff still...
  • Most uses of globals can use context instead.


  • dirname( __FILE__ ) --> __DIR__
  • In BeforePageDisplay hook, add type hinting
    • The OutputPage::addMeta feels like something core should take care of...why does it vary by skin?[edit]

  • getInterWikiLinkText: Should use a localized message rather than hardcoding...
    • !empty( $format ) is bad, just set $format = null at the beginning, and check for that. But just use a message and you don't have to deal with it.
  • getInterWikiCTA: Use localized messages
  • pageStats: Don't use $wgOut/$wgRequest when you have context right there...
    • Use $this->getTitle()->inNamespace() instead of comparing constants
  • getUserLinks: Don't use $wgUser, use context.
    • $t->exists(), don't compare page id directly
    • wfMessage->escaped() since it's going into HTML
    • The fetch page text and then parser looks like a bad idea to me.
  • needsFurtherEditing: Ugh, bad idea. Use page properties like the Disambiguator extension does
  • getRelatedArticlesBox: Use context, not globals.
    • categories_to_ignore looks bad too.
    • Umm, that database query it shouldn't be in the skin.
    • Parameter $e is never used
    • $num_cols isn't defined
  • getGalleryImage: Overly WH specific?
  • getArticleThumb: I don't know how the language converter stuff works, but that doesn't look right.
  • userHasCookies: Doesn't look like something the skin should ever care about.