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Letting Individuals (such as persons, machines, documents, ...) walk through a process is currently work in progress.


  • Installed and running Semantic Mediawiki Extension, download from here
  • Installed and running Mediawiki extension GraphViz, download from here
  • Installed and running Semantic Result Formats Extension, download from here
  • Installed and running Process Printer, download from here or more up to date here

  • Have a look at Semantic Bundle for a compositon of useful semantic extensions.

Install instructions[edit]

Get the latest Individual_Process folder from and put that into /extensions/SemanticResultFormats/.

Add the following to your LocalSettings.php:


Templates and Forms[edit]

At the moment this extension works mainly with templates. They can be found in the templates-folder. They can be easily imported with Special:Import and make modelling much simpler.
There can be found:

  • Process_Individual_Package.xml -> Necessary templates

Please also use the templates of the basic Process Printer.


We are working on some code to improve usability and to hide code from most users. But at the moment we are far from releasing this.
Nontheless you can just use this "extension" already with our forms, if you don't mind some wikitext ;-)

Linking Individual to Process[edit]

Just use the templates and put this on a page of an Individual:

{{Process Individual Pointer
|Process name=Basic Graph
|Process step=Welcome Employee

This defines the Process and Process Step the Individual ist currently in. Also we have a start date and an actual status (percentage) of work done (or whatever you want to).

An Individual can be assigned to more than one process - just add another Individual Pointer.

If you want to track older steps then just use:

{{Process Individual History
|Process name=Basic Graph
|Process step=Welcome Employee
|closed by=User:Ms.Check

This removes status and adds end anddate and a closed by-attribute.

Display Individuals in Processes[edit]

Now you can query your data already but this doesn't seem like much fun. So just add our predefined "Views"

  • {{Process Individual View}}
  • {{Process Step View}} (already linked in the Process Step Template)
  • {{Process Role View}}
  • {{Process Resource View}}

Put this on the relevant pages (Pagetitles are relevant), for examle Mr. A that is an Individuum -> use the individual view. But if he also is part of a role -> add the role view, too. (You can even create a page for a group when linking to the individuals with [[has role member::username]]

Some Screens:


  • (German) PDF with an overview over the planned functionality and the actual situation (17.02.2011) - Prozess durchlauf skizze.pdf