User:Dantman/Extension Ideas

See User:Dantman/Code Ideas for a "hopefully" updated list.
  • SVG Edit - Allows editing SVG Files using XML data, rather than uploaded files. Since SVG images are XML rather than binary it's possible to see a diff and it could be useful to be able to XML edit rather than download, edit, then re-upload. Various extra actions would be allowed; Previewing a rendered SVG, viewing the SVG diff, some possible connectivity between programs like Inkscape, or at least a upload style form to allow for editing via the normal SVG editors.
  • Replacement for Extension:Login At Edit - Would use a AJAX login method. A user could click a login link in the edit form, and a Login box would show up. The user would login using that form, they would be logged in, in the background (various UI things would be added like an icon and Username note in the personal bar to signal that the user has been logged in through AJAX), and it would then change the wpEditToken to allow the user to edit, login, and then save something as themselves if they forgot. The PHP for logging in through the MediaWiki AJAX stuff might be a good core addition to MW to.
  • CSS Class List - Lists all the CSS Classes used in articles and where they are used.
  • Replacement Set - Allows a parser function similar to #replace. However, it accepts multiple replaces and allows string and text formats. For example {{#replacementset:string|/regex(p?)/i=regaxe\1|Foo=Bar}} Would replace the text in string making all regex and regexp including other case forms, end as regaxe and regaxep, and Foo would become Bar.
  • WikiCode
  • Semantic Uploads - An extension of Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms. The idea is to allow a custom built Semantic Form for uploads and image pages. Various things like license and other stuff can be added to the page with a simple customizable form. And additionally it can easily work with adding various types of attributes to the image.


These extensions are ones I want to look over the code for. Mainly to see if they are implemented in a good way, or if I could recode or alter them to work better.