User:DWalden (WMF)/SimilarEditors


Testing done[edit]

  • High volume automation
    • The test data has a relatively small number of usernames/IPs it knows about (we can extract them with this script)
    • We can submit to Special:SimilarEditors via a Pywikibot script with this script
    • We can extract data from the Similarusers service (with this script) and from the MediaWiki debug logs (with this script)
    • This data can be merged together for easier analysis (with this script)
    • Examples of using this technique:

Testing not done[edit]

  • Accuracy of Similarusers service
    • We don't have something that is functionally equivalent to do a direct comparison against
    • The test data is incomplete and not internally consistent, so cannot use consistency oracles

Test Environments[edit]



How to install locally:

1. In the directory of your mediawiki repository:

git clone extensions/EventLogging
git clone extensions/QuickSurveys
git clone extensions/SimilarEditors

2. Add this to your LocalSettings.php:

wfLoadExtension( 'EventLogging' );
wfLoadExtension( 'QuickSurveys' );
wfLoadExtension( 'SimilarEditors' );
$wgGroupPermissions['similar-editors']['similareditors'] = true;
$wgQuickSurveysConfig = [
	'similareditors' => [
		// T307025
		'name' => 'similareditors',
		'type' => 'internal',
		'layout' => 'single-answer',
		'answers' => [],
		// Ensures a text input is added
		'freeformTextLabel' => 'similareditors-survey-freeform-text-label',
		'question' => 'similareditors-survey-question',
		'privacyPolicy' => 'ext-quicksurveys-example-external-survey-privacy-policy',
		'enabled' => true,
		'platforms' => [
			'desktop' => [ 'stable' ],
			'mobile' => [ 'stable' ]
		'audience' => [
			// This prevents audience being checked on every page.
			// However, we must still load quicksurveys manually on
			// Special:SimilarEditors, because automatic loading only
			// works for page IDs of pages that exist (not special pages).
			// 0 matches the page ID check for Special:SimilarEditors.
			'pageIds' => [ 0 ],
		// Ensures the correct survey is added if multiple are enabled
		'embedElementId' => 'similareditors-survey-embed',
		'coverage' => 1,

3a. If you use docker:

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec mediawiki composer update
docker-compose exec mediawiki php maintenance/update.php --quick

3b. If you don't use docker:

composer update
php maintenance/update.php --quick

4. Go to Special:UserRights/<username> and add yourself to the similar-editors group.

5. Go to Special:SimilarEditors.