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see: Matroc

infobox example[edit]

Some InformationInfobox
  1. Simple Infobox Builder
    • Uses an array as datasource : data source
    • Uses this Module to process data from wjkinfodata
    • Invoking Scribunto (Lua): {{#invoke:wjkinfobox|mkinfobox|wjkinfodata}}
  2. Data Source array numbered elements contain "@" subfield characters.
    • @t = Title of infobox
    • @i = Image for Infobox
      • @l = link (must have above @i subfield
      • @c = caption (must have above @i subfield
    • @h = section head
    • @s = sub-section head
    • @n = left side
    • @d = description
    • @o = Note (other)
    • ....... can use multiple combinations or mix up the order...
  3. Leave a message on my talk page if you so wish...

  • created by: BillKing (talk) 22:37, 6 May 2013 (UTC)
  • Only testing one Module wjkinfobox - have several others ready; don't want to flood this site.
My Simple InfoBox
Scribunto is Fun!
Simple Infobox Builder
wjkinfoboxBuilds Infobox
wjkinfodataSource for data for this Infobox.
Other Information!

This is a simple test of an idea using Scribunto

-- 40 sided polygon around Cardiff