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Lua Module - More thoughts?[edit]

  1. I see a slight divergence in using Lua Modules (Scribunto) on various Wiki's
    • Rewriting template in Lua as a module but keeping template for the invoke from another page -- big difference in writing the template as a module and calling that module directly from lets say an Article page. Probably this is to avoid having to edit thousands upon thousands pages.
      • ie. Article to Template to Module return to Template to Article versus Article to Module return to Article..
  2. Data information to be used by a Lua Module - WikiData might be solution for large sets of data...
  3. Should table information be included in a Module or not --- (if everyone uses the same information sure why not--I believe in most instances this is not going to be the case so reading in data from another Module is appropriate)
  4. Lua Modules are fun; however, I believe there is a drawback from using them in some cases involving parsing... since they are parsed late in the game, they can prove inadequate when their results are needed during the initial page parsing or processing.
  5. Have been working on site WikiVoyage - editorial work etc., they do not use Lua Modules for the most part and might be open to suggestions...

Thank you for your help![edit]

That's all I wanted to say. :) I bet evolved humans will have a second brain idling, activated only when the primary brain gets stuck in something silly... --Qgil (talk) 15:20, 27 June 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]