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Using EFS for MediaWiki uploads

Rednevals (talkcontribs)

I have been trying to configure a Bitnami Mediawiki Docker stack, and wanted to use an EFS filesystem for the uploads folder. I saw your post on this subject and wanted to see if you could help me with the details: Topic:Uylkzx6gd2r0xoea

I have a few questions:

  • How do I determine the " /path/to/your/mediawiki/images"?
  • Once the volume is configured, how will this deploy in local context using Docker Compose(--local-simulation)?

Any help would be appreciated...

Rednevals (talkcontribs)

Could it be as simple as?

    external: true
    name: "fs-12345678"
Edward Chernenko (talkcontribs)

Bitnami has its own support forum. Please send questions like "in which directory is my MediaWiki" to it. I don't know anything about Bitnami and can only investigate this on a commercial basis (feel free to email me if this is needed).

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