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Admins to be able to ignore the NowCommons template restriction

Rehman (talkcontribs)

I often come across deletion requests on enwiki, for files that have been manually transferred to Commons (instead of using FileImporter). So instead of simply going ahead with the deletion request, I:

  1. Delete the previously manually transferred Commons file
  2. Edit the enwiki page to remove the "NowCommons" template (as FileImporter blocks imports with pages that has this template)
  3. Re-transfer the file from enwiki to Commons with history
  4. Delete the enwiki file.

Can we somehow overcome step 2? At least for power users? To me, it mostly seems to be an obstacle than a helpful feature. ~~~~

Michael Schönitzer (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Hi, thank you for your input, it is valuable to see how people use FileImporter. You can edit the configuration of FileImporter for you wiki on Meta: When you remove NowCommons from bad, FileImporter will no longer block uploads of files with that template. It is however not yet possible to make this behavior depending on the user rights, so if you change it, this will apply for all users from English Wikipedia, so please check with others of your community, if they are ok with this change.

Rehman (talkcontribs)

Hi Michael. Thanks for the reply. When I get a bit more time, I will consider starting a discussion about this. Cheers.

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