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Topic on Talk:Content translation/V2

Roman Puzin (talkcontribs)


I was invited to test the new version of the tool, and so I have tried it a little. I have been using it for almost three years now, and first of all I would like thank the developers: you all are great!

Editing templates seems easier now. But that's the only point where the new version is better than the older one. Unfortunately I can't quickly put the link to another wiki page by clicking the necessary word at the left side (maybe one should do it some other way, but I haven't figured out how). That slows down the process of translation considerably. There are also some minor flaws: headlines begin with a space and you have to edit interwiki links by yourself (but all that sometimes have happened before, and that's not of much inconvenience, but well, maybe I should mention it as well), some unnecessary categories are added: "Articles with hCards"?

Did w:en:Die Streuner -> w:ru:Die Streuner

Thank you for your work on the tool!

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the useful feedback, @Roman Puzin.

Based on your comments I created a ticket to support adding links from the source articleas well as use the source paragraph as initial suggestions when adding a link, which can be convenient when using a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+k). I also added a note on the ticket about the extra space in headings. Feel free to track the progress of these tickets or add any further comments.

Regarding the addition of interlanguage links and avoiding irrelevant categories, those are supposed not to happen and we'll investigate them further to find the underlying issue.

Version 2 is in an early stage of development. It can be used to create articles right now but there are many aspects to polish since replacing the underlying editing surface requires to rewrite many of the tools. We are making improvements on the new version every week and we always appreciate useful feedback. So feel free to keep trying the new version after some time and keep reporting feedback.


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