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Issue: Original wikitext changed / removed when switching from Wikitext -> VisualEditor ->Wikitext

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Paste "<td><td></td>" in wikitext (source) mode
  2. Click the link to "preview" or switch to wikitext mode
  3. Note that there is no rendered output
  4. Switch back to Wikitext mode


The wikitext editor contains "<td><td></td>"


No content is visible

Proposed solution

  • Store the original wikitext and only change it if the user edits the specific line. This is how it seems to be handled in Visualeditor when editing pages.
  • Warn the user that content may be lost before switching back

This seems to happen because in read mode no content is actually shown for that snippet, and because the <td> is parsed as wikitext. This issue occurs with a some specific types of random wikitext.

Trizek (WMF) (talkcontribs)

That issue doesn't happen when I edit my sandbox the way you describe it, so it is StructuredDiscussions specific.

This is due to the current, specific StruturedDiscussions storage. The storage format will be changed soon, developers are working on this. It will solve the problem.

Using HTML is possible but is not wikitext. (talkcontribs)

Hmm, no it isn't directly related to that task . It is specifically related to the switch between editors. That should be obvious because this happens without even saving the post. So there isn't anything stored in the permanent database at that point.

It is a separate matter to the one you've linked to. There is a chance that the linked task may help fix the issue, but as written it isn't deliberately doing so. (talkcontribs)

With "store" original wikitext, the idea was to store it temporarily in the browser storage or somewhere else.

Not specifically in the server's database. (talkcontribs)
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