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Redis consuming too much memory - maxmemory_policy?

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I previously assumed that MediaWiki sets expiration for keys, but seeing the memory usage of redis baloon I realize I was probably wrong - my wiki just isn't that big. Now, Redis' default policy is 'noeviction', but at least mediawiki-vagrant's default is 'volatile-lru'. Which should I use? Does MediaWiki handle expiration at all? TIA.

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Should have logged in...

SterlingGraceTech (talkcontribs)

Can anyone help with this? I'm experiencing the same issue. Redis has 1 GB configured for memory and crashed a couple weeks after being installed to handle job queue, sessions and cache. I had to dump all keys in redis manually using redis-cli in order to get this to work...

I configured with volatile-lru and 3 weeks later logins start failing again but this time redis logs look normal (ie. just saving to disk every 5 minutes).

Why doesn't mediawiki have better management for expiring keys, this seems like it should be one of the first considerations when planning this functionality. Can the devs weigh in on whether this is on the roadmap or if there's some configuration we're missing?

Can someone explain what the right configuration is for maxmemory-policy?

I worry the most about losing scheduled jobs. Can someone provide a command that can be run from the redis-cli to selectively remove cache and/or session keys but leave the job queue keys alone?

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