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Seb35 (talkcontribs)

I greped git-log and picked up these some examples:

  • phab:rMW52167c9: in 1.24 "Remove deprecated Title::userCanRead()" hard-deprecated since 1.19
  • phab:rMW39dd076: in 1.24 "Remove Title::escapeFullURL() (deprecated since 1.19)" hard-deprecated since 1.19
  • phab:rMWf27203e: in 1.29 "Removed deprecated class RevisiondeleteAction" hard-deprecated since 1.25
  • phab:rMWc81540d: in 1.26 "Remove deprecated $wgSpecialPageGroups" hard-deprecated since 1.21 + phab:rMWd06aaa9b20 "Do not allow setting deprecated $wgSpecialPageGroups over extension.json" warning about this config parameter in the tool creating extension.json
  • Deprecation of non-RL in Gadgets
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