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Euthymenes-CGSH (talkcontribs)

Dear Trevor,

First of all, thank you for your work on this extension. It should be integrate to be a native feature.

I run a very small company in Marseille in FRANCE, and we use mediawiki for our knowledge management. I set up your extension today, and it seems to not be functional. That's why I contact you, to be sure that I didn't made mistakes.

The point is : I put the files and update the database. Version special page is ok with the extension. I have the special page draft. And when I clicked on the button save draft, it saved and appears on the special page.

But, no automatic draft saved when I made a preview or when I check the changes. Plus, I add in localsetting, autosave, and it don't works neither.

The only detail I found suspicious is that some times on firefox, and always in chrome, the save button is at the bottom felt of the page and not at the right of the show change button...

Is that something already reported or may I did something wrong ?

Thanks for the time you will take.

Best regards,


Trevor Parscal (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Hi Philippe,

I haven't worked on that extension in quite some time, and it's compatibility is probably limited to older versions of MediaWiki. You may want to take a look at the most recent commits to the extension and talk to some of the recent committers such as @Legoktm about the status of the extension.

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