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Mitodina (talkcontribs)

I translated some things from English to Spanish, and It was a bit tricky. The machine translation is terribly bad (bad verb conjugations, traslation too literal, and more). It is difficult (or impossible, at least for me) to add images or the right frame with important information (in case of bands, countries, personalities and more). And I couldn't add or modify footnotes.

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Ignacio2403 (talkcontribs)

Terrible translation in the Wikipedia translation tool in Spanish especially from the English one, misspellings and grammar everywhere, words or translated, mistranslated words, non-existent links and bad conjugated verbs, it's a horror. I propose that Google Traslate be added and set as default.

Ignacio2403 (talkcontribs)

Si hablas español la traducción a mi idioma original:

Terrible traducción con la herramienta de Wikipedia especialmente conn el inglés, muchos errores ortográficos y gramaticales, palabras mal o no traducidas, verbos mal conjugados y enlaces inexistentes. Es un horror. Propongo remplazar el traductor o no remplazarlo y añadir Google Traslate.

Endo999 (talkcontribs)

the GoogleTrans gadget offers Google Translation services by selecting the middle paragraph in the Content Translation system screen and then holding down CTRL-ATL for a second. See for more help. GoogleTrans is available on both the eswiki and the enwiki so you should just have to enable to the gadget on the destination wiki.

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