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Convert "cite web" to German format

MatthiasGutfeldt (talkcontribs)

I just translated en:Marilyn Gaston into German []. It was quite a pleasant experience. Having the English text and my German translation side by side is really very useful. Here's a few things I noticed:

- No machine translation available. This is not a big deal for a short article, but for a longer article I would find machine translation very useful as a starting point.

- The translation tool doesn't convert the English "cite web" fomat into the German "Internetquelle"[] format. Since tons of articles use web sources, this would be really handy.

- The "References" bit had weird stuff in it, like div data-cx-weight="102" data-cx-state="source" data-source="24" data-template-mapping=". Easy to fix (I just deleted everything) but I guess I didn't expect this in a beta tool.

What does work very well is categories and wikilinks :-).

I'll use this tool again as it reduces the workload for admins and does seem to speed up translation. Thanks!

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