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Newshenk (talkcontribs)

Sorry but i searched now a lot on this pages and didnt find any hint. How can i delete my account?

Thanks for help!


*devunt (talkcontribs)

Since mediawiki does not support user deletion, you can't delete user account in pure mediawiki setups. User deletion may cause many problem with wiki's historic features, like page history or recent changes and logs etc. But if you really want to remove an account, you may use Extension:UserMerge. A detailed information is in extension's page.

Gengszter (talkcontribs)

According to EU GDPR a user should be able to delete / erase his/her own profile.

How do you plan to solve this issue?

2001:16B8:101A:200:D1C3:3F7F:9E12:ABDC (talkcontribs)
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