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How to edit my previous IP messages ?

Salix (talkcontribs)

Hi, I never could find a way to correct or to add something to a post, after editing it by mistake with IP identification. I can see the pencil icon to change a topic title, Reply • Thank, or the link to access history. That's all. No "Edit". This a is big loss compared to the usual way of talking on Wikipedia.

Jay8g (talkcontribs)

Salix: This WT:Flow thread is relevant. IPs currently can't edit their own posts, which I feel should be changed, but it sounds like you are discussing editing your IP comments when logged in, and they can't be connected by the program.

Salix (talkcontribs)

Jay8g: Exactly. As IP or User, one should be able to correct his own text afterwards.

Jay8g (talkcontribs)

Salix: Editing others' comments is a bit controversial at the moment. I feel that it could work with specific things:

  • A message is shown to the editing user, saying something like "You are editing another user's comment. This is typically discouraged", perhaps with a link to an appropriate policy, to discourage people from doing this in most circumstances.
  • There is a clear message on the edited comment: Edited [time] by [user]. (I feel this should be done already, especially since admins already can edit others' comments.)
  • Users get a notification when one of their comments is edited by another user. (Again, maybe should already be done.)
  • There is a clear way to undo the change. (This is already desperately needed for editable things, such as the header and thread titles.)

I'm not sure about whether IPs should be allowed to edit others' comments. I'm leaning no right now, basically making comments semi-protected against vandalism, but there is merit to the idea of allowing everyone to edit comments, like in the current system.

Perhaps a user preference could help matters by allowing users to opt out of (or perhaps opt in to) allowing others to edit their comments.

The EnWP guideline shows the circumstances in which editing others' comments is useful, but I feel Flow may be reducing those.

Salix (talkcontribs)

Jay8g: I am NOT asking to be alowed to edit other users' comments. Only to be able to edit MY comments made as IP. If it is not possible, the only usefull message to show in big red letters would be "You are logged as IP for the present, you will not be allowed to correct your message after editing it. Even if you are logged in ! ".

Jay8g (talkcontribs)

Salix: Yeah, I am pretty sure it would not be possible to make sure it is actually your IP edit. (There is an IP warning, though, at least in the front end redesign version.)

Quiddity (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Yup, there's a large IP warning in the update that comes out tomorrow. (Note: is generally the most "live" version of the dev's work, now that the frontend rewrite has been merged to the 'master' code branch.)

See also the new topic at Violation of the free editing Wiki principle (which I'll cross-link to here.) (I'm looking forward to [future feature] being able to refactor topics, to merge and split ;)

Overall, the settings are currently experimental (as noted in Flow/FAQ#Components of the discussion system and in Flow/FAQ#Will we be able to edit other people.27s posts.3F), and this feedback is much appreciated.

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