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Topic on Extension talk:MoodBar

TBloemink (talkcontribs)

MoodBar is a very useful feature, but if someone abuses the system, the only way we can stop them is by blocking them, which can be a bit harsh. Is it possible to create a feature that lets admins block users from the moodbar only?

Dereckson (talkcontribs)

This would request to:

  1. create a permission moodbar-feedback allowing to let feedback
  2. create a user group with this permission
  3. put any registered user in this group by default
  4. allow sysop to remove people from moodbar-feedback group

So your administrator could uncheck the member inclusion in the feedback group in Special:UserRights.

Now, you have been 9 months to think to this issue, do you think it's valuable? Have you seen such abuse problems to address with a moodbar block instead a more global one?

My concern is this new permission will complicate people to understand the extension natural workflow and has a very limited scope.

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