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Hi. I followed the installation instructions. PrivatePageProtection is shown under the Special Pages:Version section.

This is the test I made:

Users: User A: administrator User B: non-administrator

I created a page and added: {{#allow-groups:sysop}}

User B can still access the page. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here..

I also created a new group called group1 by adding this line to LocalSettins.php:

wgGroupPermissions['group1']['read'] = false;

I added User A to group1, and then tried to restrict access to the page by including:


However, I can't even save the page.. seems like the extension doesn't recognize this custom-made group.

Please help.


Till Kraemer (talkcontribs)

Hi, I think it should be wgGroupPermissions['group1']['read'] = true;. Cheers,

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