Toolserver:JIRA/PGIP/Choosing an illustration request


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"Assign to me"[edit]

Image:7-JIRA PGIP - assigntome.png‎

For any PGIP issue that has "Status: Unassigned" and "Assignee: Unassigned", you should see a link under Available Workflow Actions that says Assign to me. To mark that request as yours, click on that link!

Assigned to you![edit]

Image:8-JIRA PGIP assignedtome.png‎

Done! Now the issue has your username under "Assignee", and you also have a new Workflow Action: "Begin review".

Don't click on that until you've created the illustration, though!

Back Home...[edit]

Image:9- JIRA back home.png‎

Also, back on the "Home" page, the issues that you have assigned to yourself will be listed there. Convenient for when you come back to submit your illustrations.