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PGIP stands for Philip Greenspun illustration project and is the name of a "project" on JIRA.

Find PGIP in the project list


Scroll down... and down!

A-ha, found it. Click on "Open Issues".

The PGIP front page


File:5-JIRA pgip frontpage.png‎

Interesting things:

  • "PGIP" name at the top
  • "Components": This is what the Rounds will be listed under. So when Round 1 has started, there will be an item like "test", but saying "Round 1".
  • On the right there are quick links to find open, unassigned issues (requests).

The PGIP issue list


File:6 JIRA PGIP issues list.png‎

A list of issues. These ones are pretty boring because they're just tests.

Click on the link in the "Key" column to see the details for that particular issue.

Note also the Assignee and Status columns. "Assignee" says who is the person that is going to create that illustration? So they will all start off as "Unassigned", until you assign an issue to yourself, to pick up that request.