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Expired accounts are accounts which failed to renew. The web space is rendered inaccessible for security reasons as of February 4, 2010. This minimizes the attack surface in cross-site scripting attacks and ensuring that issues don't go unattended. Toolserver accounts are never deleted or removed.

User e-mails are still forwarded with expired accounts.


It's unclear whether crontab still works with expired accounts.

Restoring Access[edit]

Users can request their toolserver access to be restored by filing a request on JIRA in the TS project (use the "issues" menu on the top). Note that you may need to create a jira account first.

Recovering expired tools[edit]

Best to email the author first, if they are still active or their account recently expired. They are in the best position as they can email the code to you, renew their account, or re-license it. And they already understand the code.

However, if they are unresponsive, you can try talking over IRC to a Toolserver user willing to examine source files and directories to establish transferability.

The code license can usually be found in the copyright header of the file, a LICENSE file in the directory, or in the author's default license which is now required. Code lacking a Free license may not be legal to transfer even within Toolserver itself. [Legal clarification needed]

Listing expired accounts[edit]

ldapsearch -h ldap -b ou=people,o=unix,o=toolserver
'(&(objectclass=posixaccount)(shadowexpire<=14762))' dn | grep "uid" |
sed -e "s/^[^=]*=\([^,]*\),.*$/\1/" | sort
Templates with links to expired Toolserver accounts
users=$(ldapsearch -h ldap -b ou=people,o=unix,o=toolserver '(&(objectclass=posixaccount)(shadowexpire<=14762))' dn)
users=$(echo "$users" | grep 'uid' | sed -e 's/^[^=]*=\([^,]*\),.*$/\1/' | sort | tr '\n' '|' | sed -e 's/|$//' )

echo "
SELECT CONCAT('[[Template:', page_title, ']]') AS Title, 
       COUNT(*) AS Embeds,
       SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING(el_to FROM 24), '/', 1) AS Account
FROM page
JOIN externallinks ON el_from=page_id
LEFT JOIN templatelinks ON tl_namespace=10 AND tl_title=page_title
WHERE page_namespace=10
AND   el_to REGEXP '^$users)/'
GROUP BY page_id
" | sql -r enwiki_p

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