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Toolserver:Email forwarding

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Toolserver has been replaced by Toolforge. As such, the instructions here may no longer work, but may still be of historical interest.
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Getting started

The Toolserver provides an email forwarding service. All mail to username@toolserver.org will be forwarded to the address you provided when your account was created. If you want to change this address, run setmail on one of the login servers.

Mail from cron and other system utilities goes to the Toolserver address provided for you in the form of username@toolserver.org as the .forward file in your $HOME directory prevents email from being sent to the email provided when you run setmail. (See Toolserver's mailing list archive on this.)

From time to time, Toolserver administrators will use your toolserver.org email address to contact you about important issues. You should make sure it forwards to an address you read, or you may find your account unexpectedly disabled.