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User servers are servers into which Toolserver users can log. The Toolserver has two kinds of user servers: login servers for running non-web tools, and web servers, which run web-based tools (PHP, CGI, …).

Web servers are accessible to users to aid in debugging web tools, viewing logs, etc., but should not be used to run non-web tools (e.g. bots). Login servers are used for all other tools. To access either kind of user server, you should log in using SSH.

There are currently five user servers, of which three are login servers and two are web servers:

login servers
web servers

Users' home directories (/home) are shared between all servers, so your files will be accessible from anywhere.

There is no difference between the two login servers, and it doesn't matter which server you run your tools on. If you use job scheduling to run tools, they will automatically be started on a suitable server.

Previously users were encouraged to use the alias This has been deprecated.

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