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Pop up windows outsite the screen

Lucas (talkcontribs)


I noticed that if I try to insert a new link on a text, and the text is located in the lowest part of the screen, the pop up window appears below the visibile area and, consequently, is not visible (unless you scroll down the browser bar, of course). For usability reasons the displaying should be fluid (and flexible): if there is not enough space below, the pop up should appear above (or elsewhere).

It is an important issue, because the user should be always put in a position to understand what is happening. :)

Lucas (talkcontribs)

Could someone please help me by reporting this issue in Bugzilla. I have been tried to register since a couple of days but I don't receive any confirmation email... Thanks!

PEarley (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Lucas, sorry for the late reply. I have filed your request as a new bug: Bug 52526.

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