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Using with chart top & Tree chart/start

Redheadkelly (talkcontribs)

I've created a template that I want to be able to add to a page with default state as either expanded or collapsed depending on the page, so I'm trying to wrap it in the Hidden template.

The contents of the template include a family tree chart with additional notes & source citations following. When I preview the template without wrapping it in {{Hidden}}, I see the family tree plus the legend, notes & sources that follow.

Once I do wrap the {{Hidden}} template around it, I only get the tree. The legend, notes & sources disappear.

This is the code I'm using:

<noinclude>{{Documentation}} </noinclude> {{Hidden | Sample family tree | {{chart top| |width=100% }} {{Tree chart/start}} {{Tree chart| |1ST | |1ST=John }} {{Tree chart| | | ! | | }} {{Tree chart| |2ND | |2ND=Bob}} {{Tree chart/end}} {| style="border-spacing: 2px; border: 1px solid darkgray;" |- | * {{legend-line|black solid 1px|descendant of John}} |} '''Notes:''' John is Bob's father. '''References:''' *{{cite web |url=https://www.poms.ac.uk/record/source/9448/ |title=Document 1/7/113 (_RRS_, iii, no. 110) |work=People of Medieval Scotland |accessdate=20 Apr 2020 }} *{{cite web| editor-first=Charles | editor-last=Cawley| title=Scotland, Earls Created 1162-1398 | website= Foundation for Medieval Genealogy | date=20 May 2021 | url=http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/SCOTTISH%20NOBILITY%20LATER.htm#_Toc359672167 | access-date=22 Sep 2021| at=B. EARLS of ROSS (FERQUHARD MacTAGGART)}} {{chart bottom}} |state=expanded}}<noinclude> [[Category:John]] </noinclude>

How do I combine Hidden, chart top, and Tree chart/start so that nothing disappears?


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Align two lines on the header

Gwendur (talkcontribs)

Because of the [show] or [hide] button, the first line of the header is not exactly in the middle when it is centered. So if I want to add another line (with a <br>), this line is centered but not the first, which is not "pretty". Do someone know a trick to make this better ?


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cannot skip to correct defined anchor

Wladek92 (talkcontribs)
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