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Egy infoboxot jelenít meg a MediaWiki részét képező fájlról, a forráskódra és osztályokra linkeléssel.

  • FILENAME - a fájl neve, a kiterjesztéssel együtt.
    • If the file has been recently renamed, you can use the stable= and the legacy= parameters to provide the old name so links work; you'll need to update the template invocation as the release in which the file was renamed moves from master->stable->legacy.
  • PATH is the path to the file; do not include a leading slash, include the trailing slash. Hagyd üresen a gyökérkönyvtár fájljainál.
  • The class arguments are all optional, and if supplied will link to the generated documentation. CLASS should be the class name, as used in the URL. E.g. "Parser" would generate a link to "classParser.html". The template allows up to six class parameters, class1-class6
  • A INTERFACE hasonló. The template allows up to three interface parameters
  • The NotInGit argument is optional and should only be used if the file is not in Git for some reason (I think this only applies to LocalSettings.php). REASON is the reason that is displayed in the infobox. Ne feledd, hogy a NotInGit nagybetűérzékeny!

A Kézikönyv sokszor használja e sablont.


{{MW file|index.php|}}

{{MW file|Article.php|includes/page/

{{MW file|WikiPage.php|includes/page/

{{MW file|LocalSettings.php|
|NotInGit=létrehozva telepítéskor

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