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'email-body-message' and 'email-body-params'?[edit]

These two are not mentioned in Echo_(Notifications)/Developer_guide#Notification_parameters, but used in examples. Matma Rex (talk) 10:12, 19 August 2013 (UTC)[]

I can't find 'email-body-message' in the current source. --BDavis (WMF) (talk) 18:07, 6 July 2014 (UTC)[]

Putting my own notification[edit]

I was wondering where to put my own notification, will it be on the LocalSettings or on the Echo.php file.

Creating your own Formatter class[edit]

Thanks for the tutorial! Can you explain further how to write Formatters. In extension:Thanks the formatter just overrides the processParam function which looks like a magic.


I am getting database error


Can the bundling section be improved? It is very unclear, and the code is not explained at all. UltrasonicNXT (talk) 18:49, 1 June 2015 (UTC)[]


In the code ( controller/NotificationController.php ) this hook ( EchoGetDefaultNotifiedUsers ) is marked as @deprecated. 21:08, 1 August 2015 (UTC)[]

Message parameters[edit]

I've checked here and in Echo (Notifications)/New formatter system but I can't find docs explaining what kind of parameters are passed and output modes are used for the messages defined in the sub-arrays of the array $notifications in the function attached to BeforeCreateEchoEvent. Nemo 13:48, 3 January 2016 (UTC)[]