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Hello, I was wondering whether using sudo was indispensable for the tool.

Samwilson (talkcontribs)

What is the actual name of this project? It seems to be mostly called 'mwcli', but this page is 'Cli', and the first sentence says "mw is a MediaWiki focused command line tool…". I think it'd be good to be consistent (and probably 'mwcli' is best, although I also think 'mwcli-dev' would be more expressive of its purpose/audience).

I have an older project called mwcli and am thinking I should probably rename it to avoid confusion:

Addshore (talkcontribs)

Yeah, some changes to the naming could make some sense. I was thinking rebranding to "Wikimedia" rather than referencing mediawiki might make more sense, as it is slowly evolving into a general development tool in the Wikimedia space, for example it has gitlab integration which right now doesn't relate to mediawiki at all. Also, Gerrit, tools etc.

I should maybe look at how GitHub and gitlab do their branding in terms of the name of the tool, name of the docs and name of the executable etc

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Can mwcli be considered stable?

Lectrician1 (talkcontribs)

@Addshore How to become a MediaWiki hacker#Docker describes mwcli as experimental. I would consider it stable at this point and an easier solution to point beginner developers towards than setting up a MediaWiki and MySQL in Docker manually. For this reason I would like to remove the "experimental" description. Thoughts?

Addshore (talkcontribs)

Hey hey, I think stable might be a bit far, as I'm still planning on some large ish wide reaching changes. However the current docker development environment I'd consider fairly stable. Maybe we should list it as beta?

I wanted to make a way to mark certain commands as beta, and that might allow me to release a 1.0.0 by the end of the year :)

Addshore (talkcontribs)
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