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Release status: stable
  • Elliott Franklin Cable — original code (PHP, CSS, etc.)
  • Jack Phoenix — bugfixes, modernization, code docs, etc.
Latest version 3.1.2
MediaWiki 1.39+
PHP 5.3+
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
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Public wikis using 1,235 (Ranked 19th)
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Truglass skin was originally written by Elliott Cable for the now-defunct EnterWiki wiki farm. It was later on enhanced by Jack Phoenix for ShoutWiki.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called Truglass in your skins/ folder.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php file:
    wfLoadSkin( 'Truglass' );
  • Yes Done - Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the skin is successfully installed.

Version history[edit]

Version VCS revision Release date Comments
3.1.1 gerrit:177554 4 December 2014 Fixed an E_NOTICE when the WikiLove extension is enabled
3.1 gerrit:168912 4 November 2014 Converted to use the Config class instead of global variables for configuration variables
3.1 gerrit:156172 25 August 2014 Initial public release of the version maintained by ShoutWiki.
3.1 r2659 (ShoutWiki SVN) 27 July 2014 Don't try to load the skin's JS files in setupSkinUserCss() when the skin has no custom JS. Also added lang attribute to the ‎<h1> element & class="mw-jump" to div#jump-to-nav, as per core skins
3.1 r2637 (ShoutWiki SVN) 24 July 2014 Switched to JSON-based i18n format and bumped version number.
3.0 r2633 (ShoutWiki SVN) 24 July 2014 Removed support for skin autodiscovery in the skin setup file.
3.0 r2611 (ShoutWiki SVN) 8 July 2014 ShoutWiki bug #270 — don't call both *TemplateToolboxEnd hooks here, as it'll result in two "Browse properties" links when Semantic MediaWiki is installed. As an additional bonus, MonoBookTemplateToolboxEnd has been deprecated since r67623, MediaWiki 1.17 (!).
3.0 r2598 (ShoutWiki SVN) 20 June 2014 Fix for the missing closing brackets and the missing closing div tag.
3.0 r2505 (ShoutWiki SVN) 24 March 2014 Various fixes:
  • use $wgLang instead of $wgContLang so that when you use something like uselang=ar on a wiki where the content language is a non-RTL one, the search box images are still flipped correctly
  • display div#contentpages on special pages for prettier rendering and whatnot (also, the "special page" tab is displayed on Monobook and other skins, so it makes sense)
  • swap nstab-wp to nstab-project in cactions() to not horribly break on Project: pages
  • CSS cleanup:
    • added rule to remove borders around images; this is somewhat of a quick hack, but easier than making the skin play nicely with the common*.css files
    • adjusted CSS to match PHP-side cactions() changes
    • removed #editform .editOptions rule, because due to recent EditPage (CSS) changes, it's more harmful than useful
    • removed trackback CSS rules; trackbacks are no longer in core
    • removed AllMessages table styling; Special:AllMessages has been redesigned a while ago and hence these rules match nothing
3.0 r2486 (ShoutWiki SVN) 17 February 2014 Print fixes for skins — added class="noprint" to UI elements that should not be printed.
3.0 r2420 (ShoutWiki SVN) 18 January 2014 Made Truglass almost totally valid HTML5 — one error that's not easy to fix remains, see the source code comments (basically cellpadding="0" in HTML and CSS padding: 0; are NOT the same thing in this context; the former renders correctly but is considered invalid HTML nowadays, whereas the latter passes validation, but renders differently)
  • removed error suppression calls
  • removed check for now-nonexistent showjumplinks preference, it was killed in core some time ago
  • removed the span that was wrapping the actual site notice, since there was no relevant CSS and it was causing the validator to barf
  • updated Elliott Cable's e-mail address
  • updated copyright year
  • fixed typo in the header comment on the i18n file
  • moved ad-related CSS to ShoutWiki Ads
  • removed some dead CSS from main.css — #cactions will never have a ‎<li> as its child, so such rules are unnecessary

There are some very minor CSS differences, notably .cbar items being moved a couple (probably 5 or less than 5) pixels towards the left, but that's acceptable

3.0 r2170 (ShoutWiki SVN) 7 June 2013 Fixed AJAX page watching — it requires the (un)watch link to have the title attribute nowadays; also documented the core hack originally introduced in r2168 a bit more and appended it to properly support accesskeys on Truglass.
3.0 r2163 (ShoutWiki SVN) 5 June 2013 Removed a stray closing div and swapped an incorrect closing h5 to the correct h4 (follow-up to r2138).
3.0 r2138 (ShoutWiki SVN) 26 May 2013 Bumped version number to 3.0 and made the code more modular à la MonoBook.php to support the NewsBox extension for this skin in the future.
2.0 r1948 (ShoutWiki SVN) 16 June 2012 Fix for ampersands in page titles not being shown correctly (refs r49330).
2.0 r1876 (ShoutWiki SVN) 19 May 2012 Parse wikitext in the footer message
r1772 (ShoutWiki SVN) 24 August 2010 MediaWiki 1.16 upgrade: chopped off some useless bits from CSS files. Most of these styles are either 1) in shared.css or 2) removed/unused.
r1673 (ShoutWiki SVN) 8 June 2010 Fixed all value errors as reported by W3C CSS Validator.
r1672 (ShoutWiki SVN) 8 June 2010 Coding style tweaks to main.css.
r1479 (ShoutWiki SVN) 25 February 2010 IE5.x (and IE for Mac) CSS fixes removed.
r1395 (ShoutWiki SVN) 23 January 2010 Removed unused 'townBox' class from global CSS; per upstream bug #14647 and upstream revision r36662
r1200 (ShoutWiki SVN) 27 September 2009 Used ShoutWiki's $wgAdConfig, changed ad type from half banner to leaderboard, general CSS cleanup
r803 (ShoutWiki SVN) 13 April 2009 Removed call to - apparently that JS was some kind of a tracker meant to track what external links the user clicks on or something like that. In any case, the skin doesn't appear to rely on it.
r787 (ShoutWiki SVN) 11 April 2009 Added support for interlanguage links + removed a silly HTML comment.
r786 (ShoutWiki SVN) 11 April 2009 E_STRICT fix.
r373 (ShoutWiki SVN) 4 January 2009 CSS typo fixed.
r331 (ShoutWiki SVN) 21 December 2008 Only load main.css and commonPrint.css once. Added call to the SkinAfterContent hook, which was missing.
r328 (ShoutWiki SVN) 20 December 2008 Swapped htmlspecialchars() to Sanitizer::escapeId() to make the W3C Validator happy.
r317 (ShoutWiki SVN) 20 December 2008 Makes the search images align some bit better (though not perfect in browsers other than Firefox)
r269 (ShoutWiki SVN) 7 December 2008 Only display the 'truglass-welcome' message on non-Special: namespaces - no point in displaying it on Special: pages since there's no edit link on those pages as they cannot be edited.
r264 (ShoutWiki SVN) 7 December 2008 Regex fixes to the content actions regex & general footer generation fixes.
r225 (ShoutWiki SVN) 29 November 2008 Fixes for the ‎<body> generation
r224 (ShoutWiki SVN) 29 November 2008 Documentation and i18n fixes
r191 (ShoutWiki SVN) 24 November 2008 Allow the sidebar links to be somewhat customized. Introducing a new MediaWiki: message, 'shoutwiki-links' and a new configuration global, $wgTruglassSidebarLinks.

$wgTruglassSidebarLinks is an array of links without the trailing slash and their titles, like this:

$wgTruglassSidebarLinks = array(
	'' => 'ShoutWiki Hub',
	'' => '',

If $wgTruglassSidebarLinks is empty or not an array, the link portlet will not be generated.

r183 (ShoutWiki SVN) 17 November 2008 Different sidebar fix
r166 (ShoutWiki SVN) 8 November 2008 Hackish fix for the sidebar issue (SEARCH, TOOLBOX and LANGUAGES "magic words" being displayed as-is)
r164 (ShoutWiki SVN) 7 November 2008 CSS comment syntax fix + prettification
r146 (ShoutWiki SVN) 1 November 2008 Cleanup:
  • removed unused & commented out function
  • removed JavaScript references that are unused/return HTTP 404
  • XHTML fixes
r145 (ShoutWiki SVN) 1 November 2008 Initial version