Season of Docs/Past projects


Google Season of Docs (GSoD) is an initiative to foster collaboration between the open source community and technical writers. This page lists Wikimedia projects from past years of Season of Docs.


Project: Improving documentation for Wikimedia’s technical documentarians and videographers
Participant: User:Pavithraes
Proposal: phab:T226018
Report: User:Pavithraes/Season of Docs - Project report
Mentors: User:SRodlund (WMF), User:SSethi (WMF)

"Originally, this project aimed to improve the on-wiki documentation, guidelines and resources for technical writers and videographers across Wikimedia projects. The project plan was later changed to improve Toolforge and Cloud VPS technical documentation instead of documentation for videographers." — User:Pavithraes/Season of Docs - Project report


Project: Improving Wikimedia's onboarding processes and documentation standards
Participant: User:Gbahdeyboh
Proposal: phab:T255360
Report: Wikimedia and Google Season of Docs 2020
Mentors: User:SRodlund (WMF), User:APaskulin (WMF)

"My proposal was broadly scoped to two things: Improving the onboarding processes, and improving documentation standards. The idea was that: If all new documents use these templates as a guide, they would find it easier to create documentation. If all documentation that is being created/updated use these templates as a guide, there will be consistency across WMF’s documentation formats. If all documentation that was created (which is expected to use these templates) undergoes this structured review process, over time, the documentation standards will be greatly improved." - Wikimedia and Google Season of Docs 2020