Scrum of scrums/2019-09-04

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  • Updates:
    • Summary: Wrapping up our work on improving mobile VE, so that we can pivot towards improving talk pages. Improvements include:
      • First version of improved toolbar deployed to all wikis (T211789)
      • Newest version of edit cards deployed on all wikis (T221247)
      • Refactored VE save error handling in a way that can also be used in other tools that currently have poor messaging (e.g. mobile wikitext editor) (T229532)
      • Improved the transitions on mobile when loading wikitext editor or switching between editors (T228159)


  • Blocked by:
  • Updates:
    • Summary: Next up for the team is to work on newcomer task recommendations. We plan to use maintenance templates to find tasks, and then to match them to newcomers' topics of interest. We'll use the welcome survey to understand what the user is trying to accomplish, to tailor the call-to-action on the homepage to their needs.
    • Deployments this week:
      • git #3a0738e5 - Homepage: Transit mobile overlay HTML as HTML, not JSON
      • git #05b3aefe - Mobile homepage: Lazy-load RL modules with only one request
      • git #4aca04d7 - Homepage: Restructure mobile overlay handling (task T229271)
      • git #b0142ef - [MW core] Special:Contributions: Drop 'newbies' feature (task T220447)


iOS native app[edit]

Android native app[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Development of Suggested Edits v3 (updates to the user contributions screen)
    • Solidifying our requirements for mobile-html endpoint(s), and researching optimizations.

Product Infrastructure[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Maps: Security fix on OSM DB info leak T231842
    • Machine Vision: Will request DBA and security readiness reviews once T230811 is resolved
    • PCS/MCS: working on first paint performance before full release of mobile-html endpoint
    • Client Event Logging - BUOD: to complete event library MVPs for browser, iOS, Android this week

Structured Data[edit]

  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • working on suggestions for statements based on machine vision (with PI)
    • working on supporting new datatype for statements


  • Updates:
    • Parsoid/PHP parser tests green
    • Running wt->html->wt roundtrip tests on scandium and fixing bugs and crashers
    • Work in progress to get Parsoid/PHP deployed to beta cluster



Fundraising Tech[edit]

Core Platform[edit]

Engineering Productivity[edit]


Release Engineering[edit]

Search Platform[edit]


Site Reliability Engineering[edit]

Wikimedia DE[edit]


  • Blocked by:
    • Not really certain by who exactly (Core Platform): not a critical blocker at this point, but we'd appreciate some input/triaging on the issue with authentication (CentralAuth) on Wikideta when switching between desktop and mobile views: