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  • Release Engineering
    • REMINDER: We're at 1.34.0-wmf.20 this week. The last branch for this release will be wmf.25 on 30 September. Teams who want to ship things for MW 1.34 should land them now.
    • Search Platform blocked (by Core Platform?): RecentChange support for SDC:



iOS native app[edit]

Android native app[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Minor release now in production: optimized page loading speed and efficiency.
    • Starting work on Suggested Edits v3 (design updates to user contributions screen).
    • Continuing to profile and test integration with mobile-html endpoint.

Readers Web[edit]

Product Infrastructure[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Pagelib
    • Mobile-html
      • Fixed srcset in media-list endpoint
      • WIP: updating footer style
    • Maps
      • Investigated OSM DB bug, but results inconclusive
    • Machine vision middleware
      • Could be (optimistically) code-complete by EOW for DBA, Performance pre-deployment reviews
      • Planning JS frontend integration
    • Data Engineering
      • Specified identifiers for event platform clients
      • Specified sampling functions for event platform clients

Structured Data[edit]

  • Updates:
    • working on getting structured data in campaigns ready for WLM


  • Updates:
    • Parsoid/PHP testing:
      • Parser tests almost 100% green now (barring some insignificant key-value ordering differences in JSON blobs which we need to normalize to reduce this false positives).
      • We have got our first runs of Parsoid/PHP round trip tests running scandium. We still have some crashers to fix and more bugs to fix from that initial test run.
    • Performance-wise, after Tim's initial work tweaking some things in Parsoid, here is a rough performance update for test runs on scandium. We need real perf. benchmarking to get a more robust sense of where we are.
      • Parsoid/PHP w2html:
        • On large pages (like en:Barack_Obama), 1.5x slower than Parsoid/JS. But, most of that seems to be GC issues (both PHP7.2 and Parsoid/PHP). See for details
        • On medium and smaller pages, as fast as or upto 2x faster than Parsoid/JS in some cases which is a pretty good result.
      • Parsoid/PHP html2wt (impacts VE and CX):
        • On large DOMs (like en:Barack_Obama), >2x slower than Parsoid/JS. But, on slightly smaller DOMs (like en:Berlin), < 10% slower. So, we seem to be getting non-linear slowdown as the pages get larger.
        • Needs additional testing on medium and smaller sized pages.
        • Note that in production usage, we will be using a more efficient version of html -> wt. But, this slowdown is still a reliable indicator of where we need to focus our performance work.
    • Other Parsoid/PHP updates:
      • Working with core platform team on RESTBase - Parsoid/PHP integration testing.



Fundraising Tech[edit]

Core Platform[edit]

Engineering Productivity[edit]


Release Engineering[edit]

Search Platform[edit]


Site Reliability Engineering[edit]

Wikimedia DE[edit]


SoS Meeting Bookkeeping[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Don't forget to copy "blocked" section from your team to the team that's blocking you "blocking" section