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  • Services are running a new JobQueue test in beta cluster, so if you see anything strange in beta - please notify
  • Mukunda broke scap in beta, will get it fixed soon!




iOS native app[edit]

Reading Web[edit]

- currently offsite-ing

Reading Infrastructure[edit]


  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • continuing work on portal automation, general clean-ups, adding SVGs



  • Blocked by: Parsoid debian package upload blocked by change needed to the deb-upload script (Daniel Zahn replied on IRC y'day as he was rushing to catch a flight that the release server has changed). But, not sure if anything is needed on our end or will Ops fix this? I can create a phab ticket if required.
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • Parsing team back from offsite (last week). Nothing significant to report for purposes of SoS. Focusing on some perf work this week.


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • All jobs in beta cluster are processed via kafka as a test. Please tell us if you notice anything weird
    • Deprecated /titile/ and /title/{title}/ listings in REST API has been removed

Community Tech[edit]

  • Preparing for a new wishlist survey
  • Deploying Unicode sections soon


Search Platform[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocked by: None
  • Blocking: None
  • Updates:
    • Mukunda broke scap in beta, will get it fixed soon! ( )
    • Deployment logspam is mostly quiet, except one non-deployment related log from the tidy migration (Parsing/MW Platform know)
    • Zeljko paired with Elena T. to get some Echo notification browser tests written (nodejs/mocha framework).
    • Zeljko scheduled a Tech Talk on Oct 31st to discuss/teach the nodejs browser testing framework.
    • Scap tech-debt project well underway, merged many improvements last week
    • new/docker based CI: the phan job is now migrated
    • Gerrit was upgraded last week (minor version)
    • Working on git-lfs (large file store, for big binary blobs) support in Gerrit for ORES and Reading teams
    • Redesigned (simplified) the Phabricator login screen <>, should be deployed soon.


  • Blocked by: None
  • Blocking: whowever is waiting for security reviews
  • Updates:
    • Node Security Project 3.0.0 being released soon (available as nsp@next); please consider upgrading if you work on Node.js-based projects
  • Reviews:
    • pdfrw
    • more will be scheduled soon