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iOS native app[edit]

Android native app[edit]


  • Continuing work on portal automation, resolving dependencies that fail to build on some systems

and cleaning up old code.


  • Blocked by: none
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates:
  • Got some help debugging nodejs issues
  • Community is activating <mapframe> on Spanish Wikipedia

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • ReadingList RESTBase patch under review; hoping to deploy both RESTBase and MediaWiki part to beta soon
  • MCS: accounting for Parsoid changes: <figure-inline> instead of <span> for inline figures (


  • Turning off OCG [cc. ops]
  • Working on replacement for OCG



  • cscott's ping to wikidata team: -- Parsing is not blocked on this per se, but this is something that cscott has been contributing to as part of a longer term project. Using SoS to ping wikidata on a stalled review for him.
  • Updates
    • Parsing team offsite next week -- will be absent at next week's SoS.
    • Parsoid code to use the updated Templatedata format now merged (suggested by Thiemo at Wikimania 16). It is in the beta cluster and needs testing before being deployed.
    • We are likely to merge both the <section> wrapper code as well as the <figure-inline> code at the same time so that we can bump the HTML version number once.
      • Looks like cxserver/CX has patches to handle section output. Is MCS ready to handle Parsoid's section output? C.Scott said he is going to add a patch for VE to handle this, but, if VE folks want to tackle that on your own, please do so.

Global Collaboration[edit]

  • Compact Language Links out of Beta deployment being scheduled next week for German Wikipedia.
  • Work continue with VE-CX integration and adpatation.
  • cxserver has been updated to latest master, debugging issues with Beta cxserver.
  • New filters on RC now the default experience on all wikis except some FlaggedRevs wikis
  • Looking into Watchlist/ORES slow query issues, but DBAs are also working on that

UI Standardization[edit]

Community Tech[edit]

  • Blocked: not blocked, but see our callout
  • Blocking: none
  • Report:
    • Working on GlobalPreferences
    • Parser caches are almost populated with Unicode IDs



  • No blocker (AFAIK)
  • Not blocked
  • Updates:
    • Wikistats 2.0 UI is alpha-level with reading metrics, still missing edit metrics because of missing backend
    • Setting up a production data cluster for druid with public data to be the edit-data public APIs backend. We have split our Druid cluster in two, with 3 hosts each.
    • Getting Druid Grafana dashboards in place.
    • Working on processing eventlogging data in hadoop instead of MySQL
    • Still purging data in MySQL eventlogging hosts, slow going
    • Work to move metrics to prometheus continues.

Scoring Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by: none
  • Blocking:
    • Still working on file handle exhaustion, which prevents us from using the new ORES cluster.
  • Updates:
    • Deploying "revscoring 2.0", which could cause some instability in Extension:ORES and in the ORES service.

Search Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by: none
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates:
  • Messaging fallbacks usage for search disabled ( - actual switch happens when we reindex
  • MLR assisted results test analysis published:, results generally positive
  • Patch for indexing wikidata statements merged, will index P31 and P279 initially after deployment
  • Working on porting Selenium tests from Ruby to JS
  • Working on upgrade to Elastic 5.5
  • Working on indexing Wikidata descriptions and adding them to fulltext search


  • Blocked: none
  • Blocking: none
    • Updates:
      • Deploying cassandra 3 in beta cluster
      • Starting testing Parsoid with Cassandra 3

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Blocking:
    • none
  • Updates
    • Singapore caching DC ongoing
    • Quite a bit of puppet refactoring for varnishes
    • ganglia slowly being killed (nobody will probably even notice)

Fundraising Tech[edit]



  • Blocked: none
  • Blocking: none?
  • Updates:
    • wmf.3 cut this morning, back on track today group0 and group1


  • Reviews:
    • Ex:FileImporter (T160982)
    • Ex:WikipediaExtracts (T149424)
    • pdfrw