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  • Releng: Trebuchet's days are numbered. If you care about these projects please get in touch with #RelEng
    • These are the last remaining trebuchet projects:
      • iegreview
      • scholarships
      • ocg
      • dropwizard
  • Wikidata:




  • Completing roll out of Page previews to all projects but enwiki and dewiki (likely to be stalled until post Wikimania)
  • RelatedArticles now renders articles in footer rather than side bar. (

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • MCS gets geo coordinates from action API instead of Parsoid.
    • Got rid of action=mobilview API calls for regular pages.

Reading Discovery =[edit]



  • Most of our team was at Wikimania.
  • However, we continued work on RC Filters and Echo
  • Echo: Merged a "Mark all as read" patch from community member and worked on additional patches (e.g. edit-user notification)
  • RCFilters: Small fixes
  • Flow: In-progress work on a feature to allow you to add inline Flow discussion linked to specific text.



  • 2 team members in wikimania, 2 on family leave, 1 of our team members coming back next week from parental leave. Not a lot happened.
  • We figured out issue with timeouts in varnishkafka, there was one host running too new of a version of kafka API
  • Still working on purging eventlogging data, moving to cluster some data out of MySQL (will make DBAs happy). Couple tables that are about 0.5 tb.
  • Ordering new hosts to replace eventlogging MYSQL hosts using some budget we will not need for the new Kafka cluster.
  • Edit History Reconstruction, made a snapshoot custom for Neil (editing data analysts) to calculate metrics on.
  • Wikimetrics had stop working due to some recent changes to labs db connection limits, fixed that.


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Wiped out Parsoid HTML cache in preparation for Cassandra 3 upgrade
      • Elevated VE latencies for a while while new storage is populated

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocked:
    • by noone
  • Blocking:
    • none
  • Updates:
    • Wikimania + Debconf week, not much happened.

Community Tech[edit]

  • Updates: CodeMirror and LoginNotify are still coming!

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • looking into db replication lag - it'll get up to like 5000 sec behind, but restarting mysql on the replicated copy will make it catch up in less than a minute
  • continuing new API work with main credit card processor
  • updating our interrupted-donation-resolver to work generically so we can use it for PayPal express checkout
  • refinements to CiviCRM<->bulk mailer data flows
  • CentralNotice clone campaign feature almost ready for CR

Scoring platform[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]