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Call outs[edit]




  • Last week:
    • v2.5.190 production released containing Wikidata description editing for Catalan, Hebrew, and Russian Wikipedias
    • UI updates to main bottom toolbar
    • Library and tooling upgrades: T144252 (Gradle build system), Fresco image library
    • Consolidation of Android and iOS JavaScript code started T152991
    • App language now changes chrome independent of system language T142019
    • New saved page cache implementation in progress T156917
  • Next week ( ):
    • Continue improving the offline experience


  • Last Week
  • This week
    • Continue work on 5.4
      • Ship to external Beta
      • VoiceOver audit for Places
      • Other bug fixes & enhancements


  • Last week
    • Update related pages schema to allow for current A/B test - T157375
    • Deploy new mobile header to Catalan and Italian wikipedias - T156794
    • Bug fixes related to the new branding work
  • This week
    • Mostly tech debt and bugfixes

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Community Tech[edit]



  • Work continue on OOjs UI migration for ContentTranslation.


  • Blocked - None
  • Blocking - None
  • Updates
    • Flow
      • Import dump: support importing a board that exists on another Wikimedia wiki (cherry-picked and deployed earlier)
      • Styling changes
      • Front-end fixes
    • RCFilters
      • Allow users to add custom highlighting depending on which filters apply
      • Many front-end fixes
    • ORES
      • (Ladsgroup) Make wording of filters in Special:Contribs as the same as ChangesLists
  • Echo
    • Minor backend fixes and cleanup

UI Standardization[edit]


  • No blockers/blocking, thanks to everyone who helped the past few weeks
  • Releasing Extension:3D to Beta this week or next, then moving on to prod deployment. Heads up, we will be carefully watching load on thumbnailing and usage patterns.
  • Note: May enable chunked uploads on cross-wiki upload dialog. Could move to change UploadWizard to core upload library after that. Stay tuned.




  • Hadoop cluster is being upgraded to CDH 5.10, everything going ok except some problems with Oozie, sorting out now, lots of improvements with this upgrade
  • lots of Piwik improvements get rid of errors t
  • is being migrated to We will do this slowly making sure we get in touch with data owners. We'll post on the analytics mailing list with details
  • thank you to Chad and Reedy for help with Dashiki extension deploy, dashiki configs are now like
  • evaluating Vue.js to build Wikistats 2.0, with standard mediawiki theme as developed by UI Standardization
    • Note from Wikidata: We are evaluating Vue.js too.


  • Security reviews this week:
    • StopForumSpam
    • mobile anniverseries endpoint
    • CollaborationKit


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Completely switched to new storage model for mobile content
    • Preparing to switch to the new version of kafka driver
    • Not much more, annual planning and vacation

Fundraising Tech[edit]


  • Blocking
    • none
  • Blocked
    • None
  • New version of scap just went out. Let us know in #wikimedia-releng if you notice any problems.

German Technical Wishlist[edit]


  • No blockers.
  • Backend work for custom entity support (for Wiktionary) is making good progress.
  • Blocking ourself on a full labs setup to finally test the new Interwiki extension. Callout to Adam.