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iOS native app[edit]

  • Last Week
  • This week
    • Continue work on 5.4 - UI for Places, API integration for Places
    • Release 5.4 Alpha channel with rough version of Places for internal feedback


  • Last week:
    • Rework a significant portion of the app networking layer
    • Trying to wrap up Wikidata description editing for a beta
    • Fixed account creation bug (API 25 only)
    • Initial two-factor authentication support coming soon
    • Android and iOS translations now exported on regular TranslateWiki schedule by TWN's L10n-bot \o/
  • Next week ( ):
    • Work towards release of Wikidata description editing
    • Continue on improved offline experience
    • Finish tasking for Q3

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Mobile Content Service (MCS)[edit]


  • Current Sprint:
  • Last week:
    • Branding improvements on Mobile Web (notification count this time)
    • Deployed Wikidata descriptions on enwiki
  • This week:
    • More branding work (search bar in tablets)
    • Tech debt
    • Page Images: Return free images by default
    • Page Images documentation improvements
    • New Readers prototypes (Hindi language variants)
    • Enabling related pages to a subset of users
    • Allow using RESTBase for PagePreviews

Community Tech[edit]


UI Standardization[edit]


  • Recent Changes work
    • mediawiki.rcfilters: Add the remaining MW core filters
    • Create active/inactive behavior for complementary filters
    • rcfilters: Remove implemented filters from list of links
    • Various bug fixes
    • Meeting about ReviewStream. We may change the scope of the project
  • Flow security bug fix
  • Flow and ORES extension minor fixes

German Technical Wishlist[edit]


  • Preparing deployment of Cognate extension in the next month(s), which will allow automated interwiki links on Wiktionary
  • Also deploying InterwikiSorting extension (soon, before Cognate). This splits functionality out of Wikibase. Interwiki links will now be sorted in all namespaces, vs. currently this is only automatically done for some namespaces.
  • working on federation for Wikibase
  • currently blocked on Labs not allowing us to setup new MediaWiki instances using Vagrant/Puppet
    • needed to setup test instances for testing improvements to Wikibase change dispatching, as well as testing structured data wiktionary + federation



  • Dependencies:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • AQS upgraded to node 6 (pageview API)
    • monthly granularity available now on pageview API for per-article stats (thanks GCI students!)
    • Fundraising banner data and map tile data available in druid/pivot, come talk to us if you want to slice and dice your dimensional data
    • ongoing work on extracting mediawiki history data from labs db so we can be public by default (Joseph + Cloud Services)
    • ongoing work on Kafka-based RecentChanges (Andrew + Collaboration)
    • Design of Wikistats 2.0 UI is nearing a community consultation phase. Ping for community liaisons and communication, coordinating on task


Technical Operations[edit]


Most of these implemented in TextCat code and will be deployed soon.

  • Designing framework to perform multiple secondary searches, need input for API from API consumers (will set up meeting with mobile team).
  • Working on ES 5 upgrade
  • Working on improving wikidata search

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Testing new PayPal integration
  • Adding a method to clear CentralNotice cache for a banner:
  • Preventing unintended duplicate donations
  • Renewing PCI compliance doc
  • Sanitizing error alert mail

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates
    • scap 3.5 planned for this week, includes major improvements to rollback


  • Security Reviews
    • Internal File Server configuration and access
    • Popups extension library
    • sec.Watch Wizard (ad-hoc)