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Mobile Content Service (MCS)[edit]


iOS native app[edit]




  • Blocked -
  • Blocking -
  • Updates
    • Main patch for RecentChanges page UI finished and merged (Adding new interface for review filters to RecentChanges).
    • Add userExpLevel filter in the RCFilters UI
    • Continuing related work to this, including backend.
    • Some meetings at Dev Summit about ReviewStream (part of Edit Review Improvements) and WikiLabels admin interface
    • Flow consistency fixes

UI Standardization[edit]




  • Continuing with the work to replace front end and backend of : Wikistats 2.0, a major development is that we will be able to import the edit history from labs rather than prod dbs, huge advantage as this data is redacted and already public.*
  • Working on launching RCStream replacement, review stream plus several other real time streams. Will start working with collaboration on augmented ORES recent changes stream.
  • Started work on processing user_agent field on eventlogging tables, it will be a JSON string like {"OS_Family": "Windows", "Browser_family":"Chrome"....}
  • Found issue with Heap on cluster, set up alarms, will be solved with update to cloudera's newest
  • Still waiting for hardware for pageview API, getting closer

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Bocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None?
  • Updates


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Node 6 upgrade is coming:
      • RESTBase updated, great improvement in memory consumption
      • Parsoid today
      • SCB tomorrow
      • MCS, CXServer, EventStreams - if you have something to deploy - do it TODAY!


  • No blockers
  • Continuing work on crosswiki searches
  • Special:Search refactoring merged in
  • Started work on improving wikidata search
  • Started preparing for upgrade to ElasticSearch 5
  • Added app links to portal homepage

German Technical Wishlist[edit]


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • CentralNotice banner impressions in pivot:
  • More work to prevent unintended duplicate donations
  • More CiviCRM customization moved to a real Civi extension
  • Easing import of employer matching gifts
  • Examining contractor fileshare change
  • Casey training on ops-y stuff with Jeff and preparing to announce a job opening