Scrum of scrums/2017-01-04






Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Mobile Content Service (MCS)[edit]

iOS native app[edit]

  • Last Week
    • Released 5.3.3
    • Continued work on 5.4
    • Fixed bugs found in 5.3.3
  • This week
    • Release 5.3.4
    • Continue work on 5.4 - Nearby, Login enhancements

Community Tech[edit]

  • Blocking/Blockers: None
  • Wikimania scholarships application has been updated and deployed
  • Beginning to do investigative work on top 10 from the wishlist this week

(I'll be skipping the meeting today, sorry!)



  • Not blocking anyone or no blockers on anyone as far as I know
  • Preparing for Dev Summit sessions
  • Will soon start work on supporting audio/video in Parsoid
  • Work ongoing with language variants ( had to revert a patch in core because of )

UI Standardization[edit]


  • Blocked: None
  • Blocking: None
  • Updates
    • userExpLevel RecentChanges filter
    • Other than that, mostly bug fixes to Echo and Flow, including Flow DB inconsistency fixes




Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • LabsDB goal successful
    • Kubernetes goal successful
    • Ganglia/Prometheus goal successful
    • Work starting on the data center switchover preparation


  • Blocking/blockers: none
  • Started work on defining alerts for performance regressions
  • Implemented PoolCounter support in Thumbor, undergoing review



  • Preparing for the Dev Summit in SF. The Wikidata team is looking forward to meet you all!
  • Gaining speed again after holiday weeks. Working hard on federation (ground work for structured Commons) as well as Lexemes (for Wiktionary).
  • RfC: Drafted an alternative for the deprecated PHPUnit::assertTag:
  • Slow progress on phasing out UsageException: Given that it was deprecated just a few days ago we do not consider this high-priority at the moment.

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Reviewing payment processor performance and fraud rates
  • Reviewing banner impressions anomalies (neatly explained by proxies in Ireland)
  • CiviCRM bug fixes and minor version upgrade
  • little holiday scramble to deploy phpmailer CVE fixes
    • Does security or releng want to look into using an automated composer.lock version vulnerability checker, e.g. ?
      • Darian says ^^^ is already in place for mediawiki core, and he can help us set it up for all the fundraising components.